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    Transfer radiodj to a new pc

    A few steps have to be made for the transfer.

    On the old machine:

    1. Make a backup of the database.
    On the new machine:
    1. Install a sql server
      (MariaDB is recommended it's reliable and fast).
    2. Install RadioDJ(same version as on the old machine).

    Explanation why the same?   So there will be no errors!

    From old to new:
    1. Copy - transfer the database from the old to the new machine
      (same folder old://RadioDJv2\Setup\Backup\ ⇒ new://RadioDJv2\Setup\Backup\)
    2. When a external drive is used for the tracks ok.
      Else transfer all tracks to the new pc (same folder name).

    3. Album Art
      (same folder old://RadioDJv2\Album-Art\ ⇒ new://RadioDJv2\Album-Art\)
    4. Make sure the same plugins are used in the plugin folder.

    A small tip!

    On the old machine transfer the cue points to the track!

    When for whatever reason, the tracks need to be re-imported.
    The cue point are save and available in the track tags!

    Thinking of: restore goes wrong, getting an error message database sql file too large (message = max_allowed_packet)