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    Tracks CUE points

    When importing tracks three point are auto set.
    • Start
    • Next start
    • End

    You can select Save Waveform Data with the audio file.
    This means that a small file is saved with the track with the extension .wfrm
    Those file are used only for loading the waveform more quickly (otherwise the waveform is generated each time we edit the track), but that file doesn't contain the cue points, those are stored in the database.

    When Active in auto dj setting Silence Remover

    The Silence on the start of the track and end of the track will be removed, and next point is calculated from the end of the track and set.

    When a cue point is selected drag and drop is too possible.

    START = cue start point track.
    INTRO = Vocals start point.
    LOOP IN = Start loop cue point.
    LOOP OUT = End loop cue point.
    HOOK IN = Start (teasers) point.
    HOOK OUT = End (teasers) point.
    OUTRO = Vocals end point.
    NEXT = Next track start.
    END = End of track.
    AUTO SELECT = All track point are selected for drag and drop.
    Visible to is on with's track time the point is set above the selected cue point.

    buttons L/R
    Set selected cue point
    Remove selected cue point
    Back to begin of the selected cue point
    Go to end of the selected cue point
    Loop between
    Start play (played on the soundcard setting CUE monitor in the sound carts settings options screen.)