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    RADIODJ Main screen

    The main screen layout zones

    Or all selectable/not selectable plugin zones

    RadioDJ actually only has three free plugin zones which can have multiple plugin!

      A = Player bar no plugin zone.

      B = Playlist(a.k.a Queue list) special plugin zone 1 no real plugin zone can contain only the playlist, It can be change from horizontal to vertical.

      C = Plugin zone 2 can have multi plugins.

      D = plugin zone 3 can have multi plugins if plugin screen will fit.

      E = Plugin zone 4 can have multi plugins.

      F = Button and events bar no plugin zone.

      Buttons L/R
      Back to start.

    B playlist examples:


    With tracks


    Main playlist bottom bar buttons:

    Manual/AUTO DJ = Load rotation tracks (auto of by hand).

    AUTOMATED/ASSISTED = Play next track (auto of by hand).

    INSERT = Insert track where track is selected in playlist.

    REPLACE = Replace track where track is selected in playlist.

    CLEAR = Clear/empty the playlist.

    INPUT = Lower the volume Input sound of device on pc line in (microphone not recommended due to sound delay).

    = Shuffle the playlist.

    = Open/load playlist (radiodj playlist or m3u).

    = Save main playlist (as radiodj playlist or m3u).

    = Screen full to the right (on/off).

    Playlist with Tracks

    = play track.

    = Delete track from playlist.

    5 predefined buttons in the bottom bar.

    Red stop pause button events.

    Events bar

    Open options screen.


    Full screen button [On/Off].

    Click on the icon it will pops in your screen then right click on icon