• Fine Tuning RadioDJ
  • Importing Music
  • For radiodj use Stand alone encoders
  • Main player
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    Main player

    From L/R
    • Play pause button
    • Stop button
    • Back to start button
    • Loop button
    • Record button (only works if in the plugin folder, a sub folder Encoder is with Lame.exe and Lame.dll files)
    • Album cover
    • Track title (Double click on it opens the track editor)
      Artist name
      Album name
    • Intro
      Down counter
    • Outro
      Down counter
    • Remaining
      Remaining track play time
    • Hour
      Clock present time (A click on it change the time presentation)
    • Logo

    • Progress bar
      10 sec. for end of the track, bar will change to red.
      (A Double click in it will make the track go to the mouse pointer)

    • 2 cancel audio level
      On click 6 cancel audio level.
    • Rotation name
      Sweepers categorie
    • = stop or delete from track.
    • Track has no sweeper
      Track has no voicetrack (VT)
      If there are a sweeper or VT in the track then a counter is set in front.
    • present: day name, day date, month name and year