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    Sending data to your website

    This option can only be use as your site make use of php files

    Check the folder c:\RadioDJv2\Docs\Now Playing Plugin Help\

    Read the manual.pdf file how this will work.

    A Brief summary:

    In the folder c:\RadioDJv2\Docs\Now Playing Plugin Help\PHP Script\ are two files

    Afther reading the file manual.pdf
    Open one of the two files you will like to use, with a plain editor like notepad.

    Edit the following part.

    date_default_timezone_set('Europe/Bucharest'); //Change this to your time/zone
    $datafile = "data.txt"; //How is named the txt file? leave like that as is.
    $lines2display = 3; //How many entries to display?
    $pswd = "changeme"; //The password set in rdj options

    When you have edited the file, rename it to song_update.php

    FTP the file and the file data.txt to your website.
    You will need to set "data.txt" as writeable (777).

    Next step:

    Open the Now Playing Info Exporter Web tab.

    URL = http://yourdomain.com/Folder name (iIf the file is in a folder)/song_update.php
    https://yourdomain.com/Folder name (if the file is in a folder)/song_update.php

      Password = Your Set password

      Custom Data = - (a dash)

      Export Method = POST or GET or GET (CUSTOM) (Select Enable )

    Click on the green plus to make the line.(don't forget to check the Enable box.)

    Just save all. In the php file where you like to show the info set:

    ‹? php include("song_update.php"); ?>

    When the file is in a folder:

    ‹? php include("(folder name)/song_update.php"); ?>

    Make sure what will be send in the tab Filters!