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    Radiodj main play list

    RadioDJ Main Play List

    There are tho types of play list screens

     Called Slot mode or    Called list mode

    There working the same excerpt for the button  which puts the playlist across the entire width.


    Main playlist bottom bar buttons:

    Manual/AUTO DJ = Load rotation tracks (auto of by hand).

    AUTOMATED/ASSISTED = Play next track (auto of by hand).

    INSERT = Insert track where track is selected in playlist.

    REPLACE = Replace track where track is selected in playlist.

    CLEAR = Clear/empty the playlist.

    INPUT = Lower the volume Input sound of device on pc line in (microphone not recommended due to sound delay).

    = Shuffle the playlist.

    = Open/load playlist (radiodj playlist or m3u).

    = Save main playlist (as radiodj playlist or m3u).

    = Screen full to the right (on/off).

    Playlist with Tracks

    = play track.

    = Delete track from playlist.