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  • Importing Music
  • For radiodj use Stand alone encoders
  • Directory import
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    Directory import

    import folders

    set folder

    Click on button select the directory/folder to import.

    • Select the Category.
    • Clicking on button category manager opens the categories manager.

      You can make a new Category or Subcategory.

    • Select the Subcategory.
    • Select the genre.
    • You can use Auto if there are different genres in the tracks.

    • Select the Track Type. note

    Categories manager.

    Has to do of the select boxen in Directory import: Category, Subcategory and Genre.
    cat. manager

    These are the defaults.
    You may have already changed them, added subcategories etc.

    tracks set

    Special use:

    Play for (number) times, and then, the option is: Noting, Disable, Delete or Move To.
    When Move to is selected, you can use, Move to Category and/or Subcategory.
    Special note note


    A track can be set to play only between dates on a start and end date.
    Think of Christmas, Valentine, Easter, Halloween or whatever you like.

    If the tracks contains the ID3 CUE data select the box and the data will be from the tracks ID3Tag. (import time will take a bit longer, keep this in mind)