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    Color editor (Styles maker)

    With it you can set the buttons, line and background colors

    Button L/R
    Save as
    img  Save and Close

    Colors in radiodj main screen sectors (do mouse over img)

    main big

    Color selectorReact in the screen or the buttons
    The radiodj main screen background and text colors
    Radiodj search and tracks manager screen.

    CUE points maker screen.

    Tracks list in search and track manager.
    Color of the buttons.
    1 and 2 makes a two tone color.

    Two tone on a mouse over

    Selected are like automated and insert buttons

    Color buttons bottom bar
    Mouse over all clickable buttons.

    Selected 1 tab button color = (in screen: search, history and auxplayers).

    Lables in the screen

    Variously Track type colors.
    In main play list, search and tracks manager screen