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    B.U.T.T Encoder

    Click on the "Settings" button, it will open the tab where you will set up our encoder
    from there, click on ADD and insert your Server shout- icecast address along with your port number and your streaming password.

    Now you can setup your Audio Settings for your broadcast.
    You can use your Default Soundcard (like Stereo Mix) Input with mp3 format codex at 128 kbps bitrate with a 44100 Hz sample rate on a stereo channel.

    Now you can customize your encoder with your radio station details.
    To do so what you need to do is click on the settings button, and go to Stream info section
    from there you click on Add, and you will be able to setup your station name, description, genre, and other details.

    It is time to connect your encoder to your server
    after you have completed all the required information
    just click the play button and the connection will be established.