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1. Setup MariaDB SQL sever 2. Install and setup of RadioDJ v. 3. Getting the music in RadioDJ 5. Stream Encoder setup 6. Icecast server setup 7. website + server
From zero to internet

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RadioDJ from zero to internet streaming

Placing your music tracks in RadioDJ

Getting the music in RadioDJ to stream to the internet.

Ordering the music tracks

Organize your drive where the tracks are.
Like on year or genre just so it is most logic for your self.
Fill the tags in the track the best you can with a tags editor!

Click the button CATEGORIES

Setup categories and or sub categories.

CategoriesSub categoriesGenres
This are standard categories and cant be renamed
When adding a new categorie, a new sub categories must be added too.d>
Please NOTE: A category cannot exist without a subcategory
Sub categories can be renamed.Genres can be renamed and/or removed.

Importing your tracks

There are two ways to import, single track import or folder import!

The fast way is used folder import.

Importing your tracks in the radiodj database

In the options menu click on directory import.

Click on for selecting a folder in the popup screen.

This is a example popup screen:

In the directory import screen
select the subcategory where to put in the tracks.

By genre you can select the genre from a list or you select auto (when selected the genre auto, tag in the track will be used)

When all is well, click on Import Directory and wait till the import is finished

You can repeat this for all your tracks just click on and adjust the settings for subcategory and genre.

Now there are tracks in the database.

You can see your imported tracks are now showing in the radiodj search sereen.