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1. Setup MariaDB SQL sever 2. Install and setup of RadioDJ v. 3. Getting the music in RadioDJ 5. Stream Encoder setup 6. Icecast server setup 7. website + server
From zero to internet

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RadioDJ from zero to internet streaming

Stream decoder setup

Sound Empire Caster free version.

Click on the button   to select the input stream (you have set it in the soundcards screen on Main 1).
See the examples tabs in the screens.
Main settingStation info settingTitle update setting

The txt file is in the pc root.
(According the setting in the now playing info target file box)

Setting a stream to the icecast server.

Click on the red plus.

  The user name and password are standard for icecast server

When done click on save.

Now your streaming to the icecast server.