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1. Setup MariaDB SQL sever 2. Install and setup of RadioDJ v. 3. Getting the music in RadioDJ 5. Stream Encoder setup 6. Icecast server setup 7. website + server
From zero to internet

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RadioDJ from zero to internet streaming

Right click on the downloaded file SetupRadioDJ2006f.exe
select Run as administrator.

Click on Yes

Accept the agreement, click next.


Check the installation folder RadioDJ must have it's one folder.
You can use brows to in stall in a other folder or drive.

Make sure that RDJ is not installed in the folders
Program Files or Program Files (x86) or the hidden folder ProgramData!
Tip: exclude the radiodj installation folder in your virus scanner!

Click next

Click yes

Click install and wait till the install is completed.

Click on finish.

The settings screen for the database connection will open

There is no database connection and the database does not exist,
so there is a error massage in the screen.

As described previously remember the password when installing the sql server you need the password,
put this where it says changeme then click on validate

There is a connection to the sql server but still a error massage in the screen,
because the database does not exist with the name with My SQL database,
if you want you can change the name otherwise click on INSTALL DATABASE in the box.

You can click on ok, because there is no database yet!

The new database is crated. Now click on the tab Auto Backup in the screen

important too!

Check the folder name on Backup Location

Click on ok (bottom right corner)

Some explanation on Auto Backup Usage:
    How to setup?
    - In the Tab "Auto Backup" check the "Enable Daily Auto Backup" option, set the
    backup hour and if needed check the "Close To Tray" option, which will prevent to accidentally close the application.
    - It is very important to set a path to which the backups will be saved!
    - To close the application when the "Close to tray" is checked, right click on the tray icon and select "Exit".
    In the tray

Another small note
RadioDJ must always be started as an administrator!

go to the RadioDJ folder and do a right click on RadioDJ.exe and create a shortcut link to your desktop

Do a right click on the shortcut link and select properties

Click on Advanced

Select run as administrator and click ok

Click on Apply and than on ok

Adjusting the settings in RadioDj.

To start click on  

Exceptionally, this screen may appear

If so then click on  

And the inlog screen opens

Use the name admin and password admin and login

Click on options

Settings screen:

  • Language = You can set the language to use (there are 16 languages available in the download).
  • Date format = You can set the format to your likes how? click on  
  • Program Priority = The one selected will do fine.
  • Results to show = has to do how many tracks per page to show in the search screen and track manager screen!
  • All other settings will do fine.
  • Advice select the box by Store settings in database!
  • Note on Remote Instance with a extra setup/use of RadioDJ
    if the database and music is shared between two or more instances, when setting one as remote
    this RadioDJ version will not mark tracks as played to avoid
    corruption of the history/reports
    but also the events will not trigger on it. In this way, you can create
    play lists, edit tracks and so on, but without corrupting the database.
  • Allow only one instance will prevent that if you install a extra setup of radiodj it can't be use or started

Sound cart settings:

Set the main 1 speaker

Note, set if possible by Monitoring (QUE) an other speaker (like a headset)
This speaker will/is used for pre listening a track and used bij setting que points on tracks
Every time you make changes to the sound cart settings you have to re start radiodj there will be a warning pop up screen

Auto DJ:

Stream Titles:

Other Settings:

When you have setup radiodj in a other folder as C:\RadioDJ\

  • Recording Folder = Check whether it points to the correct folder.
  • (RadioDJ has a build in recorder)

  • Artwork storage Path = Check whether it points to the correct folder.

    (By importing tracks and there is album art present it will be stored in that folder)
  • Color Scheme = Skins for the look of Radiodj screen. By clicking on   You can make your own scheme.
  • Short cut buttons you can add or remove the buttons.


This are the standard plugins.

How to use and set, see in the menu all that has to do with standard plugins and Disabled Plugins